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  • esthetic salon

    It takes time and money, and privacy cannot be protected.

  • wax hair removal

    Unbearable pain, redness or inflammation

  • hair removal cream

    Chemical burns can cause skin darkening and rashes

  • shaving

    The result is temporary, the hair gradually becomes thicker

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Entering a new era of hair care that cools with ice

Ulike Sapphire IPL unwanted hair care

Less pain|Unlimited use|Effective in 4 weeks|FDA safety certification|Flat lamp head

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Exclusive patented sapphire cooling technology

Ulike can set the irradiation level from 5 levels. Answer all your needs.

The integrated sapphire design with Falt Sapphire Window lowers the temperature of the epidermis to 10°C, providing both hair removal and a cold compress in one unit for a comfortable and elegant treatment.


Super lightweight!

The ultra-lightweight and compact design of 284g makes it easy to care for unwanted hair while holding it in one hand.


flat head design

The concave light head, which is often used in commercially available epilators, separates the irradiation light from the skin with air.Irradiated energy is lost as it travels through the air, reducing waste hair care efficiency by 30-40%. It also makes cleaning difficult. Ulike's 4th generation Sapphire IPL Air addresses these issues. The sapphire flat head design leaves no gap between your skin and the light.25% more effective to help cleanse and protect your skin.

Less cost, more privacy

Compared to salons, IPL light beauty machines are more private, hygienic and less expensive.

  • 33,000 yen  

    33,000 yen

    Ulike painless sapphire IPL light beauty device

    Whole body care fee

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  • 120,000 yen or more

    120,000 yen or more

    Salon price market

    armpits, legs, arms, VIO, face
    20,000 yen or more per time, 6 times course, 5 parts

Why IPL technology for waste hair care?

The Sapphire IPL Air series uses IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to treat unwanted hair. The advantage of the IPL light beauty device is that it causes less damage to the skin. Laser hair removal can only be used once a week, but the IPL light beauty device can be used 3 times a week, and you can greatly speed up the realization of the unwanted hair care effect.


Unique Flat Polished Sapphire Head

Ulike adopts salon-level sapphire head.The flat design fits perfectly against the skin, and it is possible to compress the hair follicles and deliver energy to the hair roots.You can experience full-scale waste hair care at home by irradiating IPL light with a very high light transmittance.

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