About Ulike

Since its establishment in 2013, Ulike has focused on home beauty equipment.
With our business centered on innovative technology and research and development, we are now able to provide consumers with scientific, safe and effective hair care at home. Sapphire Ice-Cooling, a triple temperature control cooling system that solves a range of problems from pain during care to side effects after care, is the latest and most innovative patented technology.

— Asian market leading brand for 6 years

— Over 3,000,000 units sold in 17 countries

— Collaboration with major beauty brands such as Sephora, Lotte Duty Free, and CDFG

Ulike's vision

Ulike aims to solve problems during and after hair care and reduce the overall cost involved in the process so that hair care can be completed not only at beauty salons but also at home.

Our efforts

The Rose series is the fifth generation of Ulike products.Through massive investment in R&D and offline product testing, we are constantly upgrading our product designs, each time improving the consumer experience. From the prototype that only managed to care for unwanted hair, to the 2nd generation that suppresses skin heating, to the 4th generation that releases pain to the skin with ice cooling technology, the 6th generation Rose series has been developed from the beginning. It is an innovative product that brings together efforts.As our technology continues to advance, Ulike products will enable women and men to enjoy salon-grade hair care at home.

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R&D Capabilities - Ulike's Strengths

authoritative international certification
Efficacy, comfort and safety

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