What is Ulike's ice sensation technology?

For over 8 years, Ulike has focused on helping customers achieve unwanted hair removal at home through IPL technology. Even though IPL technology is said to have reached a safe and stable stage, Ulike has continued research and investigation. Using Ulike's exclusive ice sensation technology, it protects the skin from the high temperature burning sensation that can occur during the traditional hair removal process. Ulike ice technology has the following features:

device boot

30 seconds after activation, fog appears on the irradiated part of the light, and it becomes cool to the touch. From that sensation, you can feel that the ice technology is activated.

Working principle

Normally, when an IPL photobeauty device is activated, it emits an IPL that causes a burning sensation and causes discomfort to the user. We have realized sensory technology. This blue diamond, which looks like a piece of ice, weakens the heat effect from the inside, making it possible to remove unwanted hair without damaging the skin.

Easy to use

The diamond fits your skin, and it is easy to see which part is exposed to light.The new flat head is easy to clean and prevents the growth of bacteria.

With the Ulike optical beauty device device, you can experience unwanted hair removal at a beauty salon at home.