What is an IPL?

IPL technology, also known as intense pulsed light technology, is actually different from medical lasers. IPL technology works by reducing the hair growth cycle by shining light on the hair root and follicle. Unlike medical lasers, the use of multispectral light disperses the IPL energy and weakens the irradiation power. Also, this is the key that made it possible to use the IPL light beauty device at home.Light energy is transmitted through the surface of the skin and absorbed by the melanin pigment present in the hair shaft.

Light energy is converted into subsurface heat energy in the skin, preventing hair follicle growth, but because it affects melanin pigment, IPL technology is not suitable for everyone.

Target skin tone

Recommended for customers with fair skin tones.Darker skin tones have higher melanin content, which absorbs more light energy than is safe and can cause skin damage.

Target hair color

The IPL light beauty device is suitable for golden yellow, dark brown and dark black hair colors. Light blonde, red, grey, or white hair colors have low melanin content and cannot absorb light energy well, making the IPL technique unsuitable.