A must-see for those who want to try the popular self-hair removal! 

This time, we will explain 7 methods of self-hair removal that can be done at home, along with the advantages and disadvantages of the areas where hair can be removed. 

Advantages and disadvantages of self-exfoliation 



The price is cheap and cost performance is good 

There are parts that are difficult to treat 

less pain 

Hair removal takes time, not permanent hair removal 

Hair can be removed at any time 

prone to skin problems 

It's not embarrassing because other people can't see it 

can't remove hair cleanly 

Let's take a closer look at each. 

Benefits of self-exfoliation 

・The price is cheap and cost performance is good

Hair removal at a clinic or salon costs a certain amount. Self-hair removal has the advantage that the price can be kept low and the cost performance is good. 

・Less pain

Among self-hair removal, Brazilian wax is painful, but other methods are less painful. 

・ You can remove hair at any time

Self hair removal allows you to remove hair at your own timing at any time.It is attractive that you can easily remove unwanted hair during your busy schedule. 

・It is not embarrassing because it cannot be seen by others

Many people may feel embarrassed when performing VIO hair removal at a salon or clinic. With self-epilation, no one can see you, so you can remove hair without worrying about it. 

Disadvantages of self-exfoliation 

・There are parts that are difficult to treat 

When performing self-hair removal, there may be areas that are out of reach, such as the back and nape of the neck.If you try to process it forcibly, you may get scratches or uneven hair removal. 

・It takes time to remove hair ・Not permanent hair removal 

Self-hair removal can be done easily, but the effect of hair removal is inferior. 

Also, since it is not permanent hair removal, there is a disadvantage that waste hair grows quickly. 

- prone to skin problems 

Self hair removal is easy to cause skin trouble, so you need to be careful. 

With self-hair removal, unwanted hair grows quickly, so many people do it frequently, which can cause significant damage to the skin and cause skin problems. 

Specific examples include folliculitis, acne, hyperpigmentation, and ingrown hairs. 

Self hair removal / Hair removal method that can be done at home 

Here are 7 self-removal methods you can do at home. 

  1. Razor 
  2. tweezers 
  3. hair removal cream 
  4. Home use epilator (home use light beauty device) 
  5. electric shaver 
  6. electric trimmer 
  7. wax hair removal 

Let's take a closer look at each. 

Self-hair removal method ①: Razor 

Self-hair removal with a razor is the most common hair removal method, and it can be purchased at a relatively low price, so you can easily remove hair. 

Shaving with a razor leaves numerous invisible scars on the skin. 

When the skin is sensitive, the resistance is weakened, so bacteria can enter through the wound and cause skin problems such as rashes and folliculitis. 

In addition, unwanted hair on dry skin is hard, and if it is treated with a razor as it is, it will cause great damage to the skin. Let's do it about once a year. 

Self-hair removal method ②: Tweezers 

Tweezing is a method that is best avoided among self-hair removal methods. 

Unnecessary hair treatment with tweezers may cause ingrown hairs and enlarged pores. 

Bacteria can get into enlarged pores and cause folliculitis. 

Folliculitis can cause pigmentation and darken the skin, which is a big burden on the skin. 

In addition, tweezers last longer than other self-treatments, but it takes a lot of time to pluck them one by one. 

Self-hair removal method ③: Hair removal cream 

Depilatory creams are recommended for extensive hair removal. 

Hair removal with hair removal cream requires the time and effort of applying the cream and leaving it to dissolve the hair, but it is cheap and you can remove unwanted hair in a short time. 

Hair removal creams are designed to remove hair by dissolving the proteins in the hair, but they may irritate the proteins in the skin. 

Therefore, be sure to follow the time written in the instruction manual and wash off the cream thoroughly. 

セルフ Hair removal method ④: Home use epilator (home use light beauty device)

Many of the current home-use light epilators have a high hair removal effect, and you can immediately perform hair removal at your own timing. 

It costs more than other self-hair removal, but it is one of the popular items because you can remove hair neatly at home. 

However, compared to the hair removal effects of clinics and salons, the irradiation power for hair removal is suppressed for safety reasons, so many people stop without feeling the desired effect. 

Also, if you irradiate for a long time with a home-use epilator, or if the irradiation power is too strong, it may cause burns and skin problems, so be careful. 

Self-hair removal method ⑤: Electric shaver

Electric shavers are designed so that unwanted hair is put into the outer blade and cut off with the inner blade. 

In addition, there are various types of electric shavers, such as for VIO, for the body, and for the face. 

Electric shavers can be used directly on dry skin. However, if you have thick and long hair, you should trim it short beforehand. 

Also, since a used shaver is covered with sebum and germs, it is necessary to carefully check the instruction manual and clean it after each use. 

Self-hair removal method ⑥: Electric trimmer 

An electric trimmer is used for pubic hair. 

With the included attachment, you can adjust the length of your hair to your liking, and at the same time, you can also adjust the amount of hair. 

Self hair removal method ⑦: Wax hair removal 

Waxing removes unwanted hair from the root by applying a sheet to the skin that has been thinly coated with wax and peeling it off at once. 

It has become very popular in Europe and the United States, and although there are individual differences, you can keep your skin smooth for about 2 weeks to 2 months, but waxing is painful. 

Areas that can be self-removed and points to be aware of when self-processing 

Areas that can be self-removed

In self-hair removal, there are parts that are easy to remove hair and parts that need attention. 

Summarized below. 

Areas prone to hair loss 

Areas that need attention 

legs, arms, armpits 

Back, nape, VIO 

Armpit hair is the most common area for self-removal. 

In the summer, the armpits are often visible in fashion, so it is one of the parts that you want to keep clean. 

The next most common are the legs and arms. 

The legs and arms have many opportunities to be exposed, making them easy to self-hair removal. 

On the other hand, the VIO zone is rapidly gaining popularity for hair removal, but because it is a difficult area to self-remove, more people have it done at hair removal salons. 

Since the back and nape are areas that you cannot reach by yourself, it is recommended to have them treated at a hair removal salon like VIO.  

Precautions for self-hair removal

There are various risks in self-hair removal, so be careful of the following. 

◇ Moisturize well after hair removal

There are various methods of self-hair removal, but all hair removal methods carry the risk of putting a strain on the skin. 

After self hair removal, you can reduce the burden on your skin by moisturizing it with lotion, moisturizing cream, beauty essence, etc. 

◇Refrain from using tweezers 

Self-removal by tweezers is a heavy burden on the skin, and there is a risk of skin problems such as ingrown hairs. 

Avoid using tweezers, as tweezers may enlarge the pores, and bacteria may enter the pores and cause inflammation. 

◇Follow the rules in the instruction manual 

The frequency of use and the parts that can be depilated differ depending on the manufacturer. 

If you ignore the instruction manual and use it incorrectly, it may cause unexpected skin problems and may require treatment. 

Please follow the rules in the manual and use it safely. 


This time, I explained the method of self-hair removal, the merits and demerits, and points to note. 

There are various methods of self-hair removal, but let's refer to this article and choose the self-hair removal method that suits your needs. 

In addition, self-removal using the wrong method may cause skin problems, so we recommend using it with caution.