What is the effect of IPL unwanted hair treatment?

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With regular maintenance, you will get lasting results.Each treatment regimen results in a long-term, steady reduction in the number of growing hairs.There are three stages of hair growth cycle: anagen, regression, and telogen, and IPL targets anagen hair.

The anagen phase is the stage in which the hair grows actively. During this period, new hairs are produced and grow to their maximum length. Suggestions for waste hair treatment
In order to obtain the ideal effect, it is recommended to use once a week for 4 to 6 weeks from the first time. During this process, you can understand how the IPL works.As soon as the hair stops growing, there is no need to use it every week, so there is no problem if you use it according to your preference. However, please note that there are individual differences in the effect and duration of use.
All people have different constitutions.Even if you use the same procedure, the same effect may not always be obtained. If you don't get the results you want, try using it more often or wait a little longer. By the way, please note that the growth cycle of hair differs depending on the part (underarms, shins, etc.).

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